Allied Military Currency WWII

ALLIED MILITARY CURRENCY: (A.M.C.); Allied Military Currency is considered an occupation issue. These issues of paper money were distributed in Allied Occupied areas following World War 2: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Japan, in the denominations respective to the area, making it more acceptable to the local population. These notes were used by both military and civilian populations in the countries in which issued, to restore and control the economy of the occupied area.

The majority of these are photos of examples in the US Army Finance Corps Museum. You can see the word "SPECIMEN" punched into some of them . Also intermingled are the very few I have picked up recently. These can be identified because they have a scan of the reverse as well.

These pictures are of examples in the U.S. Army Finance Corps Museum. (I apologize for  my poor quality pictures. If you have better examples and would allow me to display them I would gladly do so)





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