Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have recently started to collect and research the Military Payment Certificates (MPC) and decided to build a place to catalog my collection as well as share the information I have found. If you know of anyone who, like me, is working on a set or interested in the MPCs send them a link to the site, I would love to hear from them.

On the right side you will see pages as I add them with information and one with notes I may have for trade or for sale.

There are three pages for all the issued Military Payment Certificates series, the first page is for series 461, series 471, series 472, and series 481. The second page starts at series 521, series 541, series 591, and series 611. The last page is the Vietnam War Military Pay Certificates page that has information on series 641, series 651, series 661, series 681, and series 692.

In addition to the Military Payment Certificates I have created a page for the World War II (WWII) emergency notes from North Africa and the Hawaii Overprints.

Lastly I have a page for WWII Allied Occupation Currency that were used in Japan, Germany, Italy, and France. I do not collect these types at this time but as I find information about them I will add it to the site for those who do collect it.

The last thing I will point out is the link for the U.S. Army Finance Corps Museum located at Fort Jackson, SC. There is some good information in there as well and particularly about the unissued Military Payment Certificates series 691 and series 701.

My personal collection is in the infancy stages with several notes that are in not so good condition, but over time I plan on building a nice set and will post as I upgrade notes. All the notes pictured on this page including the background are notes I own unless otherwise stated.

Lastly, I am also new to building this site so if you have suggestions on how to make the site better please feel free to make a suggestion.