Friday, December 9, 2011

Changes at the Museum

Well I went by the museum to continue my research and found out Mr. Howe has moved on to another position and no longer works there. He still works for the museum system at Fort Jackson, just not he Finance museum so a lot of knowledge went with him. I talked to his replacement Mr. Bob McConnel and he isn't familiar with most of the artifacts at this time but is eager to learn. In fact at the current time he doesn't even have access to the artifacts as the change has not been fully completed. I talked with him for a short period and he is very open to helping me out once he gets all his transition completed and is able to access the museums artifacts.

I have also been made aware that the museum link is no longer working. I am going to keep it posted until I get an answer on if it will be permanantly removed or if it is just a temporary setback or if it was relocated.  No new purchases lately as the holidays approach and life gets busy.